Having a formal CV is fine, self-introducing through a timeline of words. Let me present myself differently but humbly, regarding few things that brought me to be who I am now, which still may not be enough to present the magnitude of the life-cycles. If a timeline is necessary, please check at my LinkedIn.

Serra do Rio do Rastro, Santa Catarina - Foto: Beletini

Where everything starts

  • The nature and the people of Santa Catarina (South Brazil), where I was born, were my source of deep inspiration since childhood. Those mountains up to Florianópolis, one of the most beautiful islands of the world, brought together a variety of cultures since the Descobrimentos, leaving a reminiscent of unique people. That's where my great grandfather found his home after leaving Italy in 1890 escaping the present misery.

Fafe, Portugal

Time, places and circumstances

  • Many special moments were experienced through this journey within 17 countries, while being actively volunteering & coordinating at Food For Life Global and managing one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon for 4 years. Meanwhile I kept on working as a freelancer for Brand Communication & Visual Design and being un babbo for two amazing boys.  

Rishikesh, India.

Voyage to the unknown

  • During high school, while spending time as a trainee at the City Library helped me to develop an unexpected taste for reading. Gradually, I got introduced to many Vedic Sastras, which at the time connected me with an ancient India through its literature, music and spirituality in a very special way. This influenced me to drop out from my Communication course at University later on for some time and enter into a voyage for the unknown.


Time, places and circumstances

  • Simple but special moments had passed by during a journey throughout 17 countries, while being able to be an active volunteer & coordinator at Food For Life Global and managing one of the first 3 vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon for 4 years. Meanwhile I kept working as a freelancer with Brand Communication & Visual Design and being un babbo of two amazing boys.

As time was going by...

  • ...around Brazil, Italy and Portugal, it was Lisboa that conquered my heart and that's where my family and I are established at the moment. I'm working as a Visual and User Experience Designer at Diamond by BOLD, with Brand Visual Communication at BOLD International and often involved in special projects, may they be social, ecological, musical or professional.

A few brands that gave me an opportunity to work with...

UNICEF Portugal
Bárbara Araújo Photography
Quinta Atlantis São Miguel Açores
Mundo Abreu Feira de Negócios

Folha o Jornal Braço do Norte
Inspira Santa Marta Hotel
Properties by Casas de Portugal
AESE Business School

White Box by BOLD International
Colara Coleção de Cromos
Metasul Braço do Norte
BOLD International Outsourcing IT

Aigle Azur Air Flights
Médicos do Mundo Portugal
Lx Connect
Saphety Portugal + Colombia


Create, remix, inspire. Bringing life to ideas that will fulfil the profound desire for being appreciated. Either digital or fine-art print, what matters is the effort to best achieve the projects' goals. Below are the few projects I have been working on lately. Gradually it'll be presented more details on each of them.



Always eager to learn about new areas and inspiring projects.