Having a formal CV is fine, self-introducing through a timeline of words. Let me present myself differently but humbly, regarding few things that brought me to be who I am now, which still may not be enough to present the magnitude of the life-cycles. If a timeline is necessary, please check at my LinkedIn or within my CV.

Serra do Rio do Rastro, Santa Catarina - Foto: Beletini

Where everything starts

  • The nature and the people of Santa Catarina (South Brazil), where I was born, were my source of deep inspiration since childhood. Those mountains up to Florianópolis, one of the most beautiful islands of the world, brought together a variety of cultures since the Descobrimentos, leaving a reminiscent of unique people. That's where my great grandfather found his home after leaving Italy in 1890 escaping the present misery.

Fafe, Portugal

Time, places and circumstances

  • Many special moments were experienced through this journey within 17 countries, while being actively volunteering & coordinating at Food For Life Global and managing one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon for 4 years. Meanwhile I kept on working as a freelancer for Branding & Communication Design and being un babbo for two amazing boys.  

Rishikesh, India.

Voyage to the unknown

  • During high school, while spending time as a trainee at the City Library helped me to develop an unexpected taste for reading. Gradually, I got introduced to Buddhism and the Vedic Sastras, which at the time connected me with an ancient India through its literature, music and spirituality in a very special way. This influenced me to drop out from my Communication course at University later on for some time and enter into a voyage for the unknown.


Time, places and circumstances

  • Simple but special moments had passed by during a journey throughout 17 countries, while being able to be an active volunteer & coordinator at Food For Life Global and managing one of the first 3 vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon for 4 years. Meanwhile I kept working as a freelancer with Branding & Communication Design and being un babbo of two amazing boys.

As time was going by...

  • ...around Brazil, Italy and Portugal, it was Lisboa that conquered my heart and that's where my family and I are established at the moment. I am currently working as a Visual Designer with some special projects in the social, ecological, musical and professional fields.



Getting to know inspiring projects is a great opportunity and try to understand how I can contribute in terms of visual design is my challenge. Let's change some words about it...