Create, remix, inspire. Bringing life to ideas that will fulfil the profound desire for being appreciated. Either digital or fine-art print, what matters is the effort to best achieve the projects' goals. Below are the few projects I have been working on lately. Gradually it'll be presented more details on each of them.

  • App Ageas Portugal - Mundo Ageas Digital Product Design / agency: carbon by bold
    Ageas Portugal
  • Carbon by BOLD Portugalbranding / Digital Product Design (UX/UI) / agency: diamond
  • Video: Hugo Sousa Films | 2nd Shooter: Fernando Beletini
    We Walk in Beauty
  • Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, Lisboa Portugalbranding & art direction / agency: diamond
    Inspira Santa Marta Hotel
  • Mundo Abreu Viagens - PortugalDigital Art Direction / agency: Diamond
    Mundo Abreu Viagens
  • Video: Hugo Sousa Films | 2nd Shooter: Fernando Beletini
    Love is the Key
  • Quinta Atlantis AzoresDigital Art Direction / Photography
    Quinta Atlantis B&B (Açores)
  • Saphety Portugal Digital Product Design (UX/UI) / agency: carbon by bold
    Saphety Portugal
  • Penhalta - Vestidos de Noiva, Fatos de Noivo e Cerimóina, Vestidos de Festa.Video: Hugo Sousa Films | 2nd Shooter: Fernando Beletini
    Penhalta | Tivoli Palácio de Seteais
  • Properties by Casas de PortugalBranding / UX/UI Design / agency: Diamond
    Casas de Portugal
  • LX Connect Digital Product Design (UX/UI) / Agency: Carbon
    LX Connect
  • Areias do Seixo, Wedding Day. Videography.Video: Hugo Sousa Films | 2nd Shooter: Fernando Beletini
    Liza + Nick | Areias do Seixo
  • BOLD International branding & visual communication
    BOLD International
  • Unicef Portugal digital art direction / agency: Diamond
    Unicef Portugal
  • Video: Hugo Sousa Films | 2nd Shooter: Fernando Beletini
    Engagement in Sintra
  • Grupo Desportivo do Banco de Portugal printing / book publishing
    GD Banco de Portugal
  • Médicos do Mundo Portugal Digital Product Design (UX/UI) / Agency: Diamond
    Médicos do Mundo
  • AESE Business School web design / digital marketing / Agency: Diamond
    AESE Business School
  • Sociedade Central de Cerveja printing & digital publishing / Agency: Colara
    Sociedade Central de Cerveja
  • SL Benfica Portugal - Homem do Jogo facebook app design / agency: Diamond
    SL Benfica Soccer Team
  • Aigle Azur Portugal facebook app / agency: diamond
    Aigle Azur Portugal
  • Whitebox by BOLD branding / ux/ui Design / agency: diamond
    Whitebox by BOLD
  • Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, Lisboa PortugalUX/UI Design
    Fundação Minhembeti (Moçambique)

A few brands that gave me an opportunity to work with...

UNICEF Portugal
Bárbara Araújo Photography
Quinta Atlantis São Miguel Açores
Mundo Abreu Feira de Negócios

Folha o Jornal Braço do Norte
Inspira Santa Marta Hotel
Properties by Casas de Portugal
AESE Business School

White Box by BOLD International
Colara Coleção de Cromos
Metasul Braço do Norte
BOLD International Outsourcing IT

Aigle Azur Air Flights
Médicos do Mundo Portugal
Lx Connect
Saphety Portugal + Colombia


Getting to know inspiring projects is a great opportunity and try to understand how I can contribute in terms of visual design is my challenge. Let's change some words about it...