An italo-brazilian based in Lisbon, Portugal.

With over a decade of experience in creative and marketing-based environments, I combine communication knowledge with customer experience to envision human-centric design solutions.

On this journey I worked on a wide variety of projects for:

Ageas Seguros, Mundo Abreu Viagens, UNICEF Portugal, Médicos do Mundo, SL Benfica, BOLD International, Aigle Azur, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, Casas de Portugal, GD Banco de Portugal, AESE Business School, Shiadu Boutique Hotels, Ridan Hotels, Presque Vu, Fundação Minhembeti, Alfred Ford School of Management, and more.

Why me?

I enjoy creating memorable brand experiences that are both attractive and functional.


Adopting practices that elevate the customer & user experience will undoubtedly produce a return on investment and provide a solid foundation upon which your brand & product can continue to grow.

(Digital + Print) Art Direction

Visually appealing designs, subtle details and brand guidelines combined to innovative interfaces became my daily companion.

Photography & Video

Visual identity & storytelling is about bringing emotion, vision, and clarity to this process. When it’s combined with customer & user experience, it’s a strong ally :)

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